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Who We are

Hope Brooklyn is a diverse community that eats together. at the table, we come face to face with jesus and one another. through a shared meal, authentic community, and the narrative of jesus, we are transformed. we live lives of imperfect love and reckless generosity, engaging our neighborhoods in brooklyn and beyond according to the gospel of grace. because god invited us freely to his table,
all are invited to ours.

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Core values

Imperfect Love
God’s perfect love for us makes our messy,
imperfect love for Him and others possible.

Face to Face Community
When we come face to face with each other through authentic community, we come face to face with Jesus, scarred and beautiful.

A community with a colorful variety in
age, gender, culture, life experience, and
spiritual history cultivates an atmosphere that
pushes us to grow and mature.

Our time, talent, financial
resources, and material possessions are not our
own. We give freely, embodying the life of
Jesus by looking beyond ourselves.

Empowering the Body
Our role as followers of
Jesus is to awaken our community to do what
they feel they were created to do.

The life of faith is not about being the judge. Our only law is love, and our faith is anchored in the truth that God’s justice looks like grace.

Movement of Renewal
As followers of Jesus, we are agents of reconciliation in a broken world. Amidst darkness and pain, we testify to the Light and the One who is always redemptive and resourceful, transforming our community from the inside out.



Leadership isn't about being in charge, it's about being charged, to empower the community of faith to most holistically love God, and love our neighbor.

Hope Brooklyn is a part of the Hope Church NYC network. We're like-minded, neighborhood communities planted all across NYC. It's like a regional family. We're also part of the Foursquare family of churches. They're like our national family.


Russell Joyce


He’s well-read; he’s Irish; he’s from North Carolina; and he has the gift of making you feel like the most important person in the room. He’s also Lead Pastor for Hope Brooklyn, and when he’s not talking about Jesus, you can probably find him watching a “top-ten soccer goal” montage. If you can have a conversation with Russell without him interjecting Greek words, you get a treat.


Nathan Cousins

Pastor of Operations

This is Nathan. He’s a Minnesotan man-of-the-woods at heart, and is a lover of most things from the good ol' days. He’s also an actor and musician. Oh, and he’s a whiz with operations and pretty much runs them at Hope Brooklyn. At least that’s his job description. He’s also the kindest soul you’ll meet. So yeah, you should meet him.



Liz Vice

Worship Leader

Liz is a native Portlander, and a vocal tour-de-force. Seriously, her voice will make you feel something. She also possesses a delightful wit, a winsome way about her, and a deep love for Jesus. She also is an incredible leader and mentors women in our community. Do yourself a favor and get to know her.


Katherine Ruggiero

Hope Kids/Tots Director

We call Katherine, "Kat." You can use either moniker. She loves children and has lots of experience teaching them and fostering a healthy atmosphere for spiritual learning. Her personality could be described as bubbly, giddy, and responsible. She’s from Florida, so we call her Florida Sunshine. You probably shouldn’t call her that.