Where "good things run wild"

GK Chesterton once wrote, "The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it has established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild."

To give room for good things to run wild...

What an absolutely war-cry of a statement! That the church exists to empower its people to live in the world as good things running wild.

Dwell on that. Jesus has perfectly designed you to affect transformational and gospel-centered change in the places where you spend most of your time.

And it is for Hope Brooklyn not to "build a church" but to empower its people to discover how they can do that best. 

Hope Brooklyn will be doing our job right when mothers feel empowered to occupy the playgrounds and the schools and the homes with a gospel definition of family; where lawyers are empowered to occupy their offices with a gospel definition of justice and patience; where students are empowered to occupy their classrooms and social groups with a gospel definition of purpose and hope.

Christ has strategically equipped the church for a time (21st ce) and a place (Brooklyn) such as this! And we, Hope Brooklyn, are all perfectly designed to reach our particular spaces with the gifts and talents and stories that Christ has placed within each of us.

Josh Zepeda is a B-boy. Liz Vice is a musician. Serena Santos is a student. Rob Williams is a data-analyst. We can go on and on!

You do not bear your identity purposelessly! Despite how ordinary or mundane it may feel, you're not in that space for no reason. You don't have those passions for no reason! That's what the enemy wants you to believe so as to mute your impact.

The truth is you have been strategically placed there. You occupy those spaces because Christ desires you to occupy them as a free creature running wild with the good news that God has not abandoned His world.

So then, the question becomes: What spaces do you occupy where Christ wants you to run wild? And how can you do that best?

1. Write down the top 3 spaces where you spend most of your time and/or where your deepest passion is found?

To Be Continued...[Later in the week, we'll define these "missional spaces" as well as talk about the reality that America is a post-christian country. Therefore, this determines a new way of "occupying" these spaces with the good news of Jesus]