The Next 6 Months: Where We're Headed

Hope Brooklyn! It's been four months since our inaugural vision dinner where 25 people met at Jae and Soonbin's home to dream about what it would look like to launch a new church here in downtown Brooklyn. Since that day a lot has happened!

Our roster of those interested in our church has increased from 35 to 70 people. We've hired a pastor of operations, a worship leader and a kids pastor. We've dedicated our first baby to the Lord and the community. AND this all without even hosting a single service!

It's been a ton of fun and our community is slowly gelling; which is incredible and humbling to watch! Now I wanted to take a moment to outline our next 6 months so that wherever you are in your spectrum of involvement with Hope Brooklyn you know what to expect!

June-August 2016: Build community. We continue our dinners and discussions via the "Brooklyn Table" and "Picnic at Prospect Park". This is a season where we invite our friends to be a part of the launch team and get connected with one another while our culture is slowly formed.

September: We begin meeting every Sunday! The rhythm of our gathering increases in frequency. If we're attending another Hope Church location, we'll be prayed for and sent out to focus exclusively on Hope Brooklyn. We'll also begin "Tables" which is our form of small groups and you'll learn more about them in the Fall!

October 23, 2016: First Worship ServiceBy this date, we'll be in our permanent home, our culture will be stronger, our worship leader will have moved to Brooklyn and we'll have our first ever worship service which will be an absolutely exciting day! (Go ahead and mark your calendars now!)

So, in short Hope Brooklyn, A LOT to look forward to and work toward! So grateful for everyone who is involved and committed to Hope Brooklyn! And I'm so stoked for the next 6 months and all that God is doing and will do among our community!

Stay tuned: the best is yet to come!