Missional Spaces

JR Woodward in "Creating a Missional Culture" defines missional spaces as the places where people work, live, relax or serve and are comprised of more unbelievers than Christ followers.

Last blog post I asked you to consider the top 3 spaces where you spend most of your time and/or where your deepest passions are found?

The reason I did that is because most of the stories about Jesus' life take place not in the synagogue (read: the church) but in people's homes, at parties, and in the public square.  And, he is always surrounded by both his disciples and the crowds (read: Christians and non-Christians). This is all to say, Jesus is always in a missional space.

Why This is Important: If you're like Jesus, and you are because he put himself inside you, then those top 3 spaces where your passions are found are missional spaces! Or, to quote Jesus, they are "fields ripe for the harvest". 

Therefore, it is NOT for Hope Brooklyn to get people to come join us. Rather, it IS for Hope Brooklyn to discover how we can occupy these missional spaces with a language that communicates the story of Jesus. And to be tongue in cheek about it, the language will probably not be a spoken one.

1. Choose 1 of your 3 missional spaces and answer the following: 

  1. Describe the types of people it attracts. 
  2. What is its reason for existence? What is its highest goal and purpose? 
  3. What are the most desirable values of the space? 
  4. What are its biggest fears?

TO BE CONTINUED.....[Next week, I'll provide an example of a missional space I occupy that answers these questions. Then later in the week, we'll talk about how Jesus communicated with the people in his missional spaces. What was that mystery "language"?]