Theology on Tap

We've spent the last few weeks discussing missional spaces--places where we live and work filled more by non-Christians than Christians. These spaces are important because in actuality, Jesus spent greater amounts of his time in missional spaces--in the homes of non-Christians, at parties and in the public square than he did at church.

He did this because many people in his day, like our own, had been hurt by religion and had no desire whatsoever to step into a church. However, these same people are still spiritual creatures and desired to have deep conversations about the important matters of their lives and existence. Jesus went to them on their terms and spoke in their language as a way to hear them and then to communicate (more by his actions than his words) the good news of his Father. 

Therefore, embodying this example of Jesus, Hope Brooklyn will be starting up a group called "Theology on Tap"!

The idea is simple. We'll meet every other Thursday (starting this Thursday, June 23!) at the KBH pub in Brooklyn and every time we gather we'll address a large question related to Christianity in various facets: theology/spirituality/ethics/politics/socio-economic matters/etc.

I will be preparing the questions so you and your friends don't need to do anything to prepare; just come and be ready to have a beer and discuss!

The group is intended for anyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. Atheist, agnostic, humanitarian, Christian, disillusioned Christian, or just beer-lover! It's a chance for us to bring our friends that don't know or don't care for Jesus to come have a beer, hang out, and have a rich conversation about those matters that affect us all.

When: Thursday, June 23

Where: KBH Pub (84 St Marks Pl, BrooklynNY 11217)

Time: 7:00-8:30p

Who: Everyone


**Please RSVP so I know how big of a table to reserve for our group!